Anderson Silva eager to return to action; doctors expect broken bone to ‘reassume original strength’

Unless you live underneath a rock, you’ve probably heard Anderson Silva broke his leg during his UFC 168 rematch against Chris Weidman.

Given the horrific nature of the injury, many MMA fans were expecting Silva to hand up his gloves, but it appears “The Spider” might still have a few fights left in him.

Apparently, the MMA gods haven’t abandoned Anderson just yet.

Here’s what Silva’s doctor, Dr. Steven Sanders, had to say about the injury (via

“Fortunately for Anderson, the skin did not break. … An injury like that could go where, as I mentioned, the skin breaks and now you’ve got this exposed bone in the environment of an Octagon, and so his risk of infection goes up meteorically. He could have also twisted in such a different direction where he could’ve potentially lacerated an artery going to the foot, in which case you now have what we call vascular compromise.”

As far as Silva’s rehab goes, his doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

“So having occurred outside the joint, when the fracture heals, the bone will reassume its original strength,” Dr. Sanders added. “In addition to it achieving its original strength, he will also have a titanium rod that is 11.5 millimeters in diameter shoring up that area as well.”

And where does Silva stand in all this? Well, he’s looking forward to getting back inside the Octagon.

“He asked me in the pre-op area, ‘When can I train?’ And he has asked me every time, when I see him on my rounds, he asks: ‘Will I be able to train? When can I train?’ And I have always indicated to him that he should be able train,” Dr. Sanders added.

It’s that indomitable fighting spirit that makes Anderson Silva the greatest fighter in UFC history.

Still, for my own selfish reasons, the thought of Silva returning to the brutal sport of mixed martial arts rubs me the wrong way. He’s dominated the sport for a longer period than anyone else in UFC history, and there is nothing left for him to prove inside the Octagon.

What do you think guys and gals?

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