Amir Khan Talks About OSDT

Andre Berto, Lamont Peterson, and Antonio Tarver all tested positive for performance enhancing drugs this year, and it was all thanks to Olympic style drug testing (OSDT).

Given what went down between Amir Khan and Peterson last December, the British boxer isn’t a fan of PED usage, and he shared his thoughts during a recent interview.

“People pointed the finger at me because I was in Manny Pacquiao’s camp and did so well so quickly after the Breidis Prescott defeat,” Amir Khan said. “People started saying I was on something but I have proved I’m a clean fighter. … I’ve had two random drug tests in camp [leading up to his July 14 bout against undefeated Danny Garcia] and expect I will have one just before the fight. I don’t mind doing them and think it should happen for all fights. There’s a lot of drug cheats in boxing right now.”

PED usage is obviously a problem in boxing right now, and it’s pretty hard to make an argument against OSDT. Boxing’s pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather has had a lot to do with the increasing number of boxers willing to undergo OSDT, while others like Manny Pacquiao refuse to give in to the trend.

Khan certainly deserves a lot of credit for his stance on OSDT, and I think fighters like him will eventually make it the norm in boxing. At this point, most of the big-name fighters in the sport have already submitted to OSDT at some point in their career, and it about time Pacquiao joins the campaign to clean up the sport.

Regardless of who Pacquiao faces in his next fight, I’ll definitely like to see the Filipino congressman step up to the plate. If he doesn’t, his record will forever have a huge asterisk on it, for being the only recognizable fighter in the world to balk at OSDT.


Nick Parkinson, “Amir Khan: A lot of Drug Cheats in Boxing Right Now

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