Amir Khan Lashes Out at Lamont Peterson

Amir Khan will no longer get to fight Lamont Peterson on May 19, due to the Washington D.C. native’s failed drug test – he tested positive for synthetic testosterone, but that might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Khan won’t get to avenge his Dec. 10 loss to Peterson. But he just might get the loss off his record, considering the fact Peterson has admitted to taking testosterone pellets as far back as a month before his title clash with Khan.

According to Khan, he suspected Peterson of PED use right after the fight, and he’s glad to finally get some vindication.

“He was being hit by big combinations and any other fighter would have gone down and stayed down,” Khan said during an interview with Kevin Francis. “I put him down twice in the first round and not many people come back from that. The way he came back was just unbelievable – and now we know why. … The truth has come out now and it just proves that Lamont Peterson was a cheat.”

Amir Khan was unsuccessful in his first attempt to appeal his loss to Peterson. But Peterson’s recent admission should shift the odds in his favor.

“We have informed the Washington commission and I suppose they will invalidate the result [of the fight in December],” Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer said. “It’s certain we would have been doing so had it taken place in Las Vegas. I suspect the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Federation will strip Mr. Peterson of his titles.”

Prior to his December bout against Peterson, Khan was eyeing big-name fighters like Floyd Mayweather, but the loss derailed his plans. With Peterson’s testosterone controversy, Khan is now back where he was six months ago, a second chance most boxers don’t get.

Amir Khan plans to make the most out of the situation, and he’s leaning towards a July fight against Danny Garcia or Juan Manuel Marquez.


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